Welcome to The Wildflower Patch!


The Wildflower Patch plants are grown:

– Established and ready to be planted in the garden.

– From seeds sourced ethically and responsibly.

– With sustainable and local by products in, for example, compost made from green, garden bin waste.

– For positioning in a cultivated border or a designated wildflower patch.

– To become habitats and nectar sources for bees, butterflies, hover flies and the other bugs visiting your garden.

– To flower, in many cases, from spring until autumn. Insects like ladybirds can then hibernate in the seed heads…everyone’s a winner!

– To suit the conditions of the spot where you are planning to plant them. Just tell us whether yours is shady, sunny, damp or dry, and we’ll make the match.


The Wildflower Patch gift vouchers make lovely presents. They can be given for a special occasion, treat, for Christmas or at any time of year.


Buy from us:


Contact us on 07712 224192 or tracey@wildflower.plus.com to arrange a visit, place your order or for more information.


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How can we help? Please call – we are always happy to talk wildflower plants.

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